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Demand to impart Sanskrit education from grade 1 to 12

Oct 21, 2016- Speakers at the International Vedic Arya General Conference being organised in the capital since October 20 have demanded incorporating Sanskrit language in the curriculum from grade 1 to 12 in the country.

The speakers argued that the relevance of the Sanskrit language, regarded as one of the oldest languages in the world, was increasing day by day in the modern times. Hence they stressed it was imperative to propagate the scientific aspects in the language at public level.

At the Conference organised by Nepal Arya Society, Vice-Chancellor of the Nepal Sanskrit University (NSU) Dr Kul Prasad Koirala asserted that the Sanskrit language would be essential to derive profound knowledge from the language that is considered the origin of other languages as well as the source of Vedic knowledge.
Echoing with Dr Koirala, Indian Lok Sabha MP Sumedhanand Saraswati emphasised the need for various universities across the world to run classes of various Vedic subjects to benefit from scientific Vedic knowledge.

“In a bid to widespread Vedic knowledge across the globe, preparations are underway to set up Veda Study Department in the name of Swami Dayanand Saraswati in all universities across India and conduct classes on Veda,” he shared.

Likewise, university teacher at the Sanskrit Department of the Tribhuvan University Janardan Ghimire demanded that a separate university be established in Nepal that runs classes on Veda.

Also, other participants including Swami Devbrata spoke of the need for conducting study and research on scientific aspects of Veda.

Similarly, a nine-point declaration was endorsed by the Conference.

According to the Organizing Committee Coordinator Dr Madhav Upadhyay, the declaration presses for incorporating diverse subjects and virtues embodied by the Sanskrit language relating to moral conduct, humanitarian welfare, environmental conservation and health in the curriculum.

Necessary coordination with the Ministry of Education to make preparations to teach the Sanskrit language is demanded besides urging the concerned authorities to hold consultations with the Vedic scholars during policy making in regard to language, culture and religion.

A total of 8,500 representatives including 5,000 from the host country and 3,000 from India and other countries are partaking in the Conclave where eight separate conferences will be organized on the sidelines, informed Coordinator Dr Madhav Upadhyay. RSS



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